Shona Robison MSP has stated her support for Palestinian Human Rights at an event held by the Cross Party Group on Palestine and Medical Aid for Palestinians to mark Nakba at the Scottish Parliament.

The event was held only hours after horrifying events in Gaza, in which large numbers of Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli soldiers at a protest against the USA moving its embassy for Israel into Jeruselum.

Commenting, Shona said:

"The devastating, violent loss of Palestinian life witnessed in the last 48 hours is heartbreaking and completely unacceptable. The aggression of Israel must be strongly condemned by the international community with an immediate halt to the senseless violence.

"The images coming from Gaza have been truly shocking. The people of Palestine must be fairly represented under international law. Sustainable peace in Gaza can only be achieved when human rights are respected.

"I am proud to show my support for Palestinian human rights."

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