MSP for Dundee City East, Shona Robison, is demanding an online game which glorifies violent sexual assaults and the murder of women to be banned from release from online game distributors.

The game, titled Rape Day, is set to be released through the online video game distributor, Steam, and is shockingly promoted to gamers on the promise of allowing them to “verbally harass, kill and rape women.”

Ms Robison is calling for Valve, the parent company of Steam, to not allow the title on their platform, and for other gaming distributors to ban it.

Commenting, Ms Robison said:

“For any online gaming platform to allow the publishing of a so-called game which glorifies the killing and raping of women would be disgusting and deeply offensive.

“I have contacted Steam’s parent company, Valve, to condemn “Rape Day” as it normalises violent sexual assault and murder of women, and to call on them to ban its release on their platform.

“After raising this issue with the Video Standards Authority, I am disappointed that - that though they can ban a physical, box product game - they currently have no powers under the Video Recordings Act 1984, to stop or refuse the release of games distributed online.

“I have therefore also written to the UK Government calling for them to review and strengthen the legislation around this area.”

The developer of Rape Day has stated that the game is ready for release, though is currently under review by Steam.


Contact: Donald Morrison – 01382 903219

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